Unlock the potential to become an authoritative figure in the world of sports with The Umpire Channel's Guide to the World of Umpiring. Learn the exact steps you need to take to become an umpire and insider tips to achieve success.

  • In depth video guide taking you through the world of umpiring

  • Tip sheets highlighting the most valuable recommendations for your umpiring career

  • Be a part of a community of umpires from across the country

  • Monthly Q&A zoom session on all aspects of umpiring

Course curriculum

    1. Inning 1: Intro to The Umpire Channel's Guide To The World of Umpiring

    2. Inning 2: Why you should be an umpire

    3. Inning 3: How to get started as an umpire

    4. Inning 4: The gear you need as an umpire

    5. Inning 5: How to deal with parents, coaches and players

    6. Inning 6: How to Improve and Move up as an umpire

    7. Inning 7: How to become an MLB umpire

    8. Inning 8: The cool places and opportunities where you can umpire

    9. Inning 9: Summary

About this course

  • $29.99
  • 9 lessons
  • Access to an umpire community unlike any other


Noah Katz is the founder of The Umpire Channel. He has been playing baseball for 13 years and started umpiring when he was 16. He has seen the effects of the nationwide umpire shortage firsthand, both as a player and as an umpire. This is why he started The Umpire Channel which is the leading source for social media content about umpires in the world, with 130,000 followers and 60,000,000 views across all social media platforms. Noah is here to share the first-hand knowledge and the extensive research he has gained about the world of umpiring with you.

Get access to our monthly zooms and be a part of the most exciting umpire community in the industry

  • Ask the questions you want answered the most

  • Be a part of a umpire community with umpires across the country

  • Hear from guest speakers including former and current MLB umpires


“If you are looking to get into umpiring or know more about it then this is perfect. Noah has used his knowledge and resources to create the ultimate guide to umpiring. Creating an umpiring community that will benefit all who join up.”

Jon Byrne, Former MLB Umpire

“The Umpire Channel's Guide To The World of Umpiring is a great resource for anyone interested in becoming a baseball umpire. Noah’s passion, knowledge, and access to resources come together perfectly in his course. I been fortunate to witness Noah and The Umpire Channel first hand and it is without hesitation that I endorse all that he does. ”

Eric Goldstein President, Worcester Area Baseball Umpire Association

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